Welcome to my first blog post of 2020! I am starting fresh with the blog this year and figured I’d start with something that is my number one question when someone books a session…”What should we wear?!”

First and foremost, lifestyle photography is about YOU. I want you to wear something that represents you and your personality. Unless you work from home in your sweats all day like me. 😉 But if you’re just not sure, I am here to give you some helpful tips when it comes to choosing outfits for you and your family!

Here is a Pinterest board I put together with tons of ideas for families, couple’s, grad’s, etc! Check it out here

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In-Home Sessions

For cozy in-home sessions, I want you to think comfortable. Just like you’re hanging out at home on the weekend. Think bare feet, comfortable clothes and remaining true to you!

Neutral colours are my preference for indoors because they lighten everything up. If it happens to be a cloudy day, dark colours will darken everything even more.

If you have booked a Winter session, cozy knits are the way to go. During the warmer months, choose lighter fabrics with some flow.

For newborns, I’m all about simple. Think plain onesies, neutral or softly patterned swaddle blankets, and for some shots, no clothes! Show me those cute baby wrinkles and rolls 😉

Outdoor Sessions

For outdoor sessions, try coordinating your outfits by colour palette, and avoid being really matchy-matchy. Remember cards in the 90’s where everyone would wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt? That’s exactly what we want to avoid. Also try to stay away from florescent colours and clothing with logos that can be distracting.

Flowy dresses work beautifully for women and girls. They add texture and movement to images which in my opinion is the magic missing from a lot of standard family photos.

Keep it simple for the guys with plain or subtly patterned t-shirts, and either jeans or neutral/earthy coloured pants.

Don’t be afraid to add some layers, like hats, scarves, etc!

A few other helpful tips:

-Pick Mom’s outfit first and coordinate everyone else around her. When Mom feels good in what she’s wearing, it will show!

-Think about where you might display your photos in your home. What colours will look best in that location? Try planning your wardrobe colours around that.

-Remember that lifestyle photography is not stiff and posed. Wear something you can move in and have some fun!

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