I was hoping at this point, I would be advertising my Motherhood Sessions taking place in my new studio. Photographing Mama’s and their babies is by far one of my favourite things. The bond they share is truly magical, and I adore being able to capture that through photos that will forever remind you of the different stages of their childhood and watching them grow.

Unfortunately with the way the world is right now, I’m not sure when these sessions will take place. But I can’t WAIT for that day to come! It is so important for Mom’s to get in the frame. As we all know, we are usually the one’s behind the camera making sure to take pictures of the kids and family to share on social media. But how many are YOU in?!

Even as a photographer, I have to remind myself to get in the frame. So I’ll hand over the camera to my husband or set up the tripod to take some self portraits. This is something you can do even with your phone and the timer setting! Because the old saying “they grow up too fast” is one of the truest statements there is. Just think….one day when your kids are older and moved out of the house, will they be able to look through a photo album and see photos of them with their Mom?

I know sometimes it can be hard to feel like getting in the frame. Especially these days when lots of us are probably cooped up at home and wearing our comfy clothes and hair up in a messy bun! But guess what? It doesn’t matter!! Your kids are going to love being able to look at old photos some day, and they are not going to care what you looked like, but rather see the love that was there.

So I challenge you to use this time at home to take some photos of you and the kids enjoying time together. Whether that’s playing a game, baking, or snuggling on the couch. Get in the frame!! And then when this whole ordeal is over, you can come to the studio, get dressed up (I have dresses available in my client closet!) and get some professional photos to hold onto for a lifetime.

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