One of my most recent loves has becoming branding photography. As a small business myself, I know how important it is to get your name and face out there. Social media marketing is all the rage right now, and more and more people are taking advantage of it every day! I really enjoy taking photos for other small businesses in the area while also helping promote their businesses in the community. There are so many amazing entrepreneurs around!

Erin Laybolt of Poppy Co. Floral Atelier

What is Branding Photography?

Branding sessions consist of getting the owner (and perhaps a small number of employees) in front of the camera to show off their skills, products, and FACE! If there is one thing I’ve learned about social media, people love seeing the faces behind the business. I can share photos of my clients all day, but my engagement is always a little bit higher when I share photos of myself and my family. Potential clients love seeing who actually runs the business and who they’re talking to when they call or message a business. Sharing more personal photos makes you more relatable, and people love seeing that!

At a branding session, I will get some fun headshots as well as lifestyle shots of you showing off what you and your business are all about. This might include working at your computer or behind a desk, performing a service on a client, product shots, etc! I try to take a variety of images so you have lots to share on your social media pages and website.

Location possibilities include: at your storefront businesses, your home office, my lifestyle studio, or even outdoors since I know some small businesses don’t necessarily have a dedicated ‘work’ space.

What to Bring

If your session is being held at my studio or outdoors, feel free to bring some ‘props’ that your business uses on a daily basis. ex; laptop, notebook, camera, workout gear, etc. If your session is being held at your place of business, you should already have what you need there.

Also bring a change or two of clothing. This way you have lots of variety in your gallery for social sharing!

You are also free to bring along a model if you wish to get some photos of your services being performed.

Who Should Get a Branding Session?

Although I am keeping this service based towards smaller businesses (approx. 1-5 employees), these sessions are great for anyone looking to up their social media presence! Professional photos give you a ‘leg-up’ on companies using stock photos or low quality cell phone pics. By getting your photos done professionally, it makes you more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. An instagram grid that is consistent in quality, colours, etc. is more likely to gain followers than one that is all over the place! Set your business apart!

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